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About The Peaked Lapel

A dream.  A journey.

The idea for The Peaked Lapel came about by a rather circuitous route . . .

Around 10-15 years ago I first heard of something called the Gumball 3000 Rally. I knew little about it, other than the name reminded me of the Cannonball Run franchise, with Burt Reynolds; films I remember loving as a child. Researching it, I found something quite remarkable; a seven-day feast of impossibly exotic motor vehicles, piloted by their owners and co-drivers through cities all over the world. It was not a race but a Rally and an opportunity to experience your car in a way no other event would provide: over long hauls and short sprints, punctured by evenings in glamorous hotels and parties, all the while developing relationships with likeminded enthusiasts. I was hooked and said to myself that, one day, I would take part in it.

Ollie In Suit Standing By Ferrari
Ollie Al-Falah – Founder of The Peaked Lapel

When I finally made the decision to enter the 2019 Rally, I saw it as an opportunity to document my experience online; to share it with those who, like me, had longed to do so. For many it will only ever remain a dream and so I wanted to give them, in particular, an insider’s track into what is required to prepare for it.

This year’s route, billed as the ‘battle of the islands’, will be extraordinary. It starts in Mykonos, travelling through Thessaloniki, Porto Montenegro, Venice, Monaco and Barcelona, before ending in Ibiza a week later. That is how The Road to Mykonos started . . .

Having allowed that kernel to gestate, I then questioned why I was stopping there. I’m passionate about horology and motorcars so I thought I should really harness that and try to build a platform to allow that to flourish. Additionally, dressing well is important to me, meaning I have a real appreciation for tailoring; a personal favourite being a sports jacket with a peaked lapel – of course.

So there we are. This website is about marrying the aspirational with the realisable, the hair brain scheme with the execution. Let’s see where it takes us.

Ollie Al-Falah