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Gumball 3000 Day 3 – A Day of Rest…

Gumball 3000 Day Of Rest

8th June

Time for some rest

Today was the opening party of the Gumball 3000 Rally at Nammos but I have a confession to make however; I decided not to go. This was for two reasons. Firstly, I had already only clocked up just six hours sleep in 48 since leaving London and, perhaps more importantly, it was a chance to spend the day with my father, relaxing by the pool, using the gym and eating some good food without diluting it with copious amounts of alcohol.  In short, it was an opportunity to rest up and prepare myself for the next eight days which were sure to be gruelling.

And to look at a few cars

It also meant I had the chance to walk down to the car park to check on what other cars had arrived and to see if all the decals had been applied.  So, around 11am I did just that, in the plus 30 degree heat.  What greeted me was a sight to behold.  Firstly, Team 115’s Pagani Huayra had been delivered; by the Pagani technicians.  This was not just a car that had been shipped to the start of the Rally, it had been bought for the Rally.  It’s new owner had not even seen his own car yet, let alone driven it and they were all waiting for him to arrive so they could hand the car over and show him what’s what… now that’s Gumball 3000 for you!

Pagani Huayra
The amazing Pagani Huayra

Especially my own Ferrari F355 Spider

The next surprise was that most of the cars had had their decals applied, including my Ferrari F355 Spider.  And she looked, to my eyes, absolutely amazing.  I had been a little concerned that the sponsorship vinyls would break up the clean lines the F355 is known so well for but actually, if anything, they accentuated them.  So, with her slightly wider stance (15mm all round), AP Racing Brakes and Gumball 3000 livery, she looked like all those Ferrari 355 Challenge race cars I grew up watching.  The team had done such an amazing job!

So having taken all that in, including numerous pictures and videos, I then made my way back up the hill to the Royal Myconian to go sit by the pool and continue my convalescence and preparation… the following day was the big one!


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