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Cigars and Watches Anyone?

Cigars And Watches

When the idea of the Road to Mykonos was conceived, it was initially with a view to sharing the experience and journey to the start line of the Gumball 3000 2019.  I really didn’t know what that journey was going to hold, but sometimes when you put yourself out there, unexpected things just happen.

The Limited Edition is a specialist independent watch retailer, focussing on brands that even watch enthusiasts, never mind the vast majority of the population, have never heard of.  Ask most people if they have heard of Rolex, Omega, Patek Philippe or Cartier and it is more likely than not they will respond ‘of course!’  But if the next is question is, well, what about Armin Strom, H Moser & Co, HYT or Linde Werdelin, the chances are they will look at you as if you’re speaking a completely different language.

I have had the pleasure of knowing Pietro Tomajer, the company’s co-founder for almost two years and have witnessed first hand on many occasions his passion for independent watchmaking.  It was through him that I bought my HYT Skull Green Eye 51mm and Konstantin Chaykin Joker and had the opportunity to meet HYT’s CEO and Sales Director, whilst he has been kind enough to invite me to many watch events in that time.  In considering how best to source new, interesting content for this site therefore, he was my first port of call… ‘why don’t we spend a day reviewing some watches?’, I asked him.

In typical Pietro fashion, his immediate response was ‘great idea!’ before immediately moving on to how he could add value… ‘why doesn’t the @cigarsmokingmodel join us?’ he enquired.  The @cigarsmokingmodel, who’s real identity shall remain clandestine, has over the last six years developed an enviable brand ( with a considerable following on social media, documenting his life with all manner and variety of cigars. I have been following him for about a year, find his page fascinating and he takes some beautiful photographs too.

‘Of course, sounds fantastic’, I responded to Pietro.

So we got together at the Landsdown Club, just off Berkeley Square, on one of the coldest days of the year so far. On arrival, Pietro had laid out eight HYT watches for us to try, review and photograph. We then spent the next three hours discussing all things horology and our aspirations for our respective brands; it was both a pleasure and a privilege.

It made me realise that sometimes all it takes is a thought, mixed with some determination and the right people, and suddenly great things can start to happen. Meeting others with like interests and goals is never short of inspiring and I cannot be more grateful to both and @cigarsmokingmodel for their company… the watches I got to review and for the five wonderful cigars I was given to try.

Please do check them out and, if you do, please do mention The Peaked Lapel!