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A Day at HYT Part III: Are They Worth the Money?

HYT H2a Watch

HYT watches are expensive; ranging from £33,000 to around £300,000. So how can a company, started in 2012, convince people their watches are worth that amount? Why should you choose them over the more established maisons?

Let’s say you are in the market for a £30-40,000 watch.  That is a serious amount of money to spend and, for many, will represent a lifetime’s work.  So why would you pick HYT over Audemars Piguet, Patek Philippe, Breguet or Vacheron Constantin, to name but a few?

Clearly this will always be a subjective question and there will be some who will never believe these watches, or indeed how any watch, can be worth these sums.  HYT don’t have the history of the other brands, some will say.  Others will remark that they won’t be here for much longer; it’s just a phase, something trendy that will soon pass.

However, having had personal experience of not just owning a HYT watch but also having visited their facilities, I can attest to just how much vision, time and expertise have gone into the creation of these watches. Alluringly sleek, stylised, graphic videos of their complete creations are a necessary marketing evil but, in my view, it is only when you truly appreciate the development, attention to detail and level of accuracy to which HYT works that you begin to understand their value and, ultimately, why they cost so much money to buy.

To some degree the question of whether you should buy an HYT watch over the more established brands is perhaps academic.  Given their small, independent nature, it’s probable if you are considering one of their timepieces, you have already either thoroughly researched the subject or already own one or more of the brands named above.  To be considering an HYT watch therefore you are likely to be wanting something a little different, to stand out from the crowd.  A talking piece.

Whether you agree they are worth the money is up to you, but one cannot deny they are technologically ground-breaking.  The advice I would give is this therefore; if you are in the market for this level of timepiece, you owe it to yourself to consider them, as the owning experience is unlike many other watches.  Their designs are radical and, as such, they will either be instantly recognised as a great choice (the small minority) or will attract inquisitive glances (the overwhelming majority).  Personally, I think that’s what is great about owning a piece like this; to do so you clearly know your subject and have had the courage to try something a little different.

I cannot thank HYT enough for their hospitality. In my view, having witnessed their laboratory processes first hand, coupled with their new releases at SIHH, I am certain it is a brand worthy of a seat at the table of haute horology.  And if you do decide to purchase one, please do mention The Peaked Lapel!