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Collection Day – the Lamborghini Aventador SVJ

Lamborghini Aventador SVJ Front

An opportunity not to be missed

It is not often you get to experience days like this, whether you are collecting a car yourself or with a friend. So when a good friend of mine asked whether I wanted to travel to Lamborghini Bristol to collect his brand new Lamborghini Aventador SVJ, it was too good an offer to turn down.

It was a car we had discussed previously in fact, including at this year’s Geneva Motor show when there was the possibility of obtaining a roadster version.  At that time there was some conjecture about whether the individual who had placed a deposit was considering pulling out and, if so, that particular car would become available. That was not to be however but, as they say, the right things happen at the right time. That car would have been a left-hand drive and require importing from Italy. So when this stunning supercar became available, it was too good an opportunity to turn down.

Lamborghini Aventador SVJ Rear In Showroom

Your very own personalised Lamborghini

This Aventador is finished in ‘Ad Personam Viola Aleteia Metallic’ which, in person, is utterly beguiling.  Ad Personam is Lamborghini’s tailoring program, much like ‘Q’ at Aston Martin, and their range of colours is almost infinite.  Indeed you used to be able to create your own colours and name them but unfortunately Lamborghini no longer allow the latter as an option.  You need to see this paint up close to truly appreciate it. The depth to the colour, added by the flakes embedded within it, is truly sensational and you can see precisely why it costs, including VAT, five figures.

In this example it is perfectly complimented with bronze wheels (20/21) and matt carbon mirror housings, rocket cover, engine frame and wheel cap covers, all on top of the liberal use of carbon, as standard, throughout the SVJ. Indeed when this is all offset by the SVJ decals on the rear haunches, you have one stunning piece of machinery.

Lamborghini Aventador Svj Wheel

Lamborghini Aventador SVJ Engine

Lamborghini Aventador SVJ Decal


The Interior

The interior has been just as tastefully thought out. Again, using the Ad Personam program, the colours are a combination of Nero Cosmus, Bianco Leda and Blu Sideris. Indeed the latter, as I understand it, was a colour developed specifically for this car, following its specification by the dealer, meaning it is just that little bit more special.

Of course, the dash, steering wheel and instrument cluster are pure Lamborghini theatre, all centering around the fighter jet inspired starter switch. It’s not a car for the particularly tall though. From my experience behind the wheel, if you are over 6’2” you are going to struggle for head room.

Lamborghini Aventador SVJ Cockpit

The Noise

The noise from the SVJ’s 770hp naturally aspirated 6.5litre V12, longitudinally mounted behind the cockpit, is one of two extremes. On start-up it sounds purposeful but not over the top. Yes it begins with a bark, but it then settles into a much quieter idle than expected. It doesn’t have the earth-shattering resonance of, for example, a Murciélago, but when you get moving all that changes. As you move through the rev range, what started as a low growl builds to one of the finest race inspired howls you will ever have the pleasure of hearing. It’s a noise that will live with you forever, particularly if you have been through a tunnel. And, for good measure, when you come off compression, the exhausts make the sound of distant gunfire. An intoxicating mix.

The concoction of all these sounds, when combined with its superstar looks, aerodynamic properties and four wheel steer make for one of the great Lamborghinis and I cannot thank (and, of course, congratulate!) my friend enough for the opportunity to be present for the collection. It really was an absolute pleasure.

Now that would be an amazing Gumball car . . .