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Creating The Peaked Lapel Driving Glove

Leather Driving Gloves Ferrari Steering Wheel

When I decided to create The Peaked Lapel, I wanted to do something that, in my opinion, had not been done before; to effortlessly marry horology and motorcars with a gentlemen’s lifestyle journal, all of which inspired by the Gumball 3000 Rally.  There are lots of magazines, both online and in print, that cover one or more of these topics but none, I believe, that do so from the viewpoint of a real insider. By someone who can really explain what it’s like to wear a Patek Philippe 5930G World Time Chronograph or drive both a modern and classic Ferrari… or take part in something as unique as the Gumball Rally. In short, it was started by someone who is a real enthusiast and collector… for real enthusiasts and collectors.

So as the site was being developed, I started to consider how all these passions could be fused. What could identify The Peaked Lapel as all those things? After some thinking, there was one idea that beat all the rest – to develop the best gentlemen’s driving glove money could buy.

It’s funny how things pan out because I honestly had no idea who to approach about doing this… but luck would just so have it that, on the plane back from the 2019 Geneva Motor Show, I started chatting to the sales director of a small but high quality leather producer in the UK. He had attended the show because his company had recently signed an agreement with Morgan, the British sports car manufacturer, to provide all the leather for their interiors. What an amazing coincidence!

So, we exchanged details and, shortly afterwards, I followed our conversation up with an email… And there it started!  Within around three months of emails and telephone conversations going backwards and forwards over what type of leather, its thickness, the shape and fit of the gloves, which fasteners to use and which colour and thickness of thread (to name but a few!), I, today, received the first prototypes of The Peaked Lapel’s driving gloves…

Leather Driving Gloves

Leather Driving Gloves Ferrari Steering Wheel

So now it comes to the testing. I want to ensure they have the perfect fit, finish and, of course, FEEL. Many people ask me why I wear driving gloves whilst driving. They consider it counter-intuitive – surely you would get more feel without them?  But no – the exact opposite is true. With the right pair, your driving experience is hugely enhanced in any car, but particularly in sports cars where the communication between the front wheels, the steering wheel and the drivers’ fingertips is the defining feature.

So my testing of these gloves means doing so on the Gumball 3000.  3000 miles and nine countries in seven days will be the proving ground for these gloves; I want them to be the best and you will know that, once they have been released, they truly have been developed by a driver, FOR drivers.

I have tried to keep them modern yet classical and, I hope, in fitting with The Peaked Lapel’s design language.

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Stay tuned!!!