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It Costs How Much?

Batmobile Gumball 3000

I received all the Gumball 3000 documentation the next day. It included the ‘terms and conditions’, the ‘waiver’ and, last but not least, the brochure setting out the confirmed route for 2019: Mykonos to Ibiza.

Billed as the ‘Battle of the Islands’ from 8 – 15 June 2019, 200 or so Gumballers would be rallying from Mykonos to Ibiza via Thessaloniki, Porto Montenegro, Venice, Monaco and Barcelona before finally ending at the ‘The White Isle’.  So many celebrities have taken part in the Gumball 3000 over the years, including David Hasselhoff, Jenson Button and Usher, but I particularly loved Johnny Knoxville’s quote:

If batman took a vacation he would do Gumball”.

What a trip it promised to be and it felt like it was in touching distance. But there was one thing that brought me back to reality: the entry fee.

At £50,000, this is one seriously expensive week. Yes that includes all the organisation, including all hotels, dinners and any car transport required during the rally, but the following would still be extra:

  • Shipping my car to the start line in Mykonos and returning it to the UK from Ibiza;
  • Rally Insurance;
  • Petrol (!); and
  • Other expenses (!!) . . .

I calculated that, even at a conservative estimate, I would be seeing little change from £75,000 if I wanted to do it. To be honest this was an alarming amount of money to spend on what is, in effect, a seven-day jolly driving around Europe.  I had a moment of sobriety and considered whether this could really be worth that amount of money?!

Now, of course, you don’t enter the Gumball 3000 on your own, you enter it with a co-driver.  This meant that, in effect, the £75,000 would be halved.  Even so, at more than £5,000 a day it was clearly something I needed to carefully consider before making a final decision . .