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My HYT Rally Watch Being Made!

HYT Rally Watch Being Made

I have said this a number of times, but if you had told me in September 2018 that HYT, one of the coolest and most forward thinking independent watch brands, was going to make me a watch to wear on this year’s Gumball 3000, I would not have believed you…

But, if you’re reading this then the chances are you will have seen the Road to Mykonos and, therefore, know that is exactly what they are doing. And this week that incredible life experience finally became real; when I received some pictures of my watch being made!

When I was finalising the design of the watch with them back in January I knew it would look spectacular, but it was only when I saw an actual photo of it did it strike me what a great job they have done turning our imagination into reality.

Firstly, the beautiful gold of the dial is perfectly offset by the blood red of the translucent sapphire crystal, the hands on the sub dials and, of course, the liquid encircling them all. When combined with the grey, it comes together in such a way I think it absolutely encapsulates the essence of HYT, the personality of The Peaked Lapel and, of course, the spirt of the Gumball 3000 Rally.

HYT Rally Watch Liquid Capillary
My HYT rally watch – all coming together beautifully.

Then comes the way they have etched The Peaked Lapel’s logo into the side of the dial, leading the eye away from the central HYT logo, towards the Rally destinations from this year’s Battle of the Islands. This has been ingeniously done by etching them inside the crystal, to create a floating effect. From the photographs I think it achieves precisely what we were trying to achieve with this technique; which was ultra-modern yet classical in its inspiration.

HYT Rally Watch First Look
The side of the dial, complete with TPL logo and rally destinations.
HYT Rally Watch Adding Tpl Logo Onto Dial
Many fingers make light work! Adding the TPL logo to the side of the dial.

Then flip the watch over and you find something just as special. The HYT movement, with integral bellows that house the liquid flowing through the capillary, displayed in all its glory, with my signature and a message from the team, which was a lovely personal touch from them… as if it was not personal enough already!

HYT Rally Watch Bellows
The HYT movement, with integral bellows.

I now get to fly to Geneva in the next few days to go and collect the piece in person, just in time for the start of the Rally; one of those life goals very few get to experience and I am honoured they have joined me on this journey.

I cannot wait to see it!