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Sponsors Part II

Zegna Interior

Having made my suggestion to the watch company HYT, the ‘hydromechanical horologists’ about a possible collaboration regarding my Gumball 3000 team for the rally next year, I then thought clothing should be the next avenue worth exploring.

I would like to think that my style identity is classic contemporary. I enjoy tailoring especially and would, in general, prefer to dress up for an occasion rather than dress down.  So I thought about the brands I enjoy and, frankly, one stood head and shoulders above the rest; Ermenegildo Zegna.

Being honest, historically it has been seen as a little traditional, maybe even old fashioned / for the older gentlemen. Such an outlook has been gradually changing however; whilst maintaining their reputation for world class fabrics and elegantly tailored suits and jackets they have also added, to some lines, a slightly sharper, more modern, younger look. Over the last two to three years I have become increasingly drawn to the brand, making use of their excellent made to measure services. Maybe wearing their clothes on the rally could be a great way of continuing that trend of appealing to the younger but still elegantly styled gentlemen but doing so on a global platform.

So I spoke to two of their specialists, both of whom are exceptional in their trade and have helped me make a number of pieces in the past, about my idea. I asked them if there was any way they could help me or if they knew who could. They told me to leave it with them and they would get back to me.

The following day I was asked to put together a proposal and so, within 24 hours I had drafted a letter and sent it… in more hope than anticipation.

Within a week I had a response from Zegna’s Client Development Manager for the UK, the Netherlands and Scandinavia; they had gone right to the top! And so, having exchanged a few emails, we arranged to meet at their UK flagship store on Bond street.

Our meeting was a real pleasure and they instantly connected with what I was trying to achieve and how it could possibly assist the brand. Concluding our discussion they agreed to speak to the Milan head office and see how best to approach my proposal.

This was starting to be too good to be true. Could it really be that both HYT and Ermenegildo Zegna were seriously interested in this project?