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The Dream Starts

Dreaming Of Gumball 3000

The start of my long road to Mykonos

In the beginning

In 2007, I completed my Bar Vocational Course at Nottingham Law School; the course you have study in order to become a Barrister. It was not a profession I had felt destined to join as a small child, but instead one I began considering as I completed my law degree. I had always been an advocate, winning public speaking and debating competitions at school and university and so this, coupled with a growing affection for the practise of law, made my mind up that that was what I wanted to do.

But then I had a dream

Although I cannot be specific, it was also around that time I first heard of something called the Gumball 3000 rally. I knew little about it, other than the name reminded me of the Cannonball Run franchise, with Burt Reynolds; films I remember loving as a child. As I researched it, I found something really quite remarkable; a seven-day feast of impossibly exotic motor vehicles, piloted by their owners and co-drivers through cities all over the world. It was not a race but a rally and an opportunity to experience your car in a way no other event would provide: over long hauls and short sprints, punctured by evenings in glamorous hotels and parties, all the while developing relationships with like minded enthusiasts. I was hooked and said to myself that, one day, I would take part in it.

Meeting Mr Gumball

Over the next few years, as my profession gradually started to take over my life, I kept an interest in the rally, monitoring it on social media and the periodical footage it released. By 2011, I had realised I wanted to start my own business and so decided to cross-qualify as a Solicitor, which I saw as a greater commercial opportunity for me in the long run. Every decision you make in life has an impact and this one was no different, for a myriad of reasons. Most notably in this context however, it was because it introduced me to the PA to Mr Maximillion Cooper, founder of Gumball 3000.

And so the dream starts to comes alive

I am positive that anyone who works at Gumball 3000 will get the same thing when they meet someone new; mostly …‘oh how much I’d love to do it…”  and yes I fell into that exact category.  But they were lovely about it and very genuine in their response.  Even then, it started all sorts of thought processes for me and, despite not actually anywhere near entering the rally, it felt like I was one step closer to fulfilling the goal I had set myself a few years earlier.  The question then was how was I, a 28 year old lawyer, ever going to be in a position to do make it happen?  It really didn’t matter though, the dream was alive and I felt that, one day, it was one that might be achieved . . .